We Welcome you to shaafi herbal care, where you can find the herbal products, that are made from 100% pure and natural herbs, with no side effects.

Almost all our products are made as per Tibb-e-Nabawi (SAWS) guidelines with a vision to promote Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (SAWS)

We have been getting benefited from nature's gift by making use of these natural herbs and manufacturing it to make these herbal products.The herbs that are used in manufacturing Shaafi herbal care products are 100% safe to use.

Good health should be maintained properly. This is possible only when natural products are used in everyday life rather than the artificial and man made drugs.
We welcomes you to our global and continuously expanding arena of high merit products. The product range offered by us include high merit products like Maimoonib Tablets, Suffoof-e- Hazer churan,Shaafi heal health tonic,Shaafi hair oil, etc.