Shaafi Power Plus

Shaafi Power Plus is an excellent medicinal supplement for sexual problems in men. It enhances the energy and stamina of the male. It also helps in production of semen, its viscosity and sperm count, and also vigour and vitality which is basis for reproductive power.

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Shaafi Power Plus has been proved very useful in premature ejaculation and other sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Weakness, Seminal Leakage, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Ejaculation Disorder and many more. It gives extra power and heavy production of semen.

It Increases the power of erection. It also controls all kinds of seminal discharge like pre or post. The ingredients of this powder nourishes the sexual organ and prolongs the mating period and provides extra sexual pleasure.

After using Shaafi Power Plus, above mentioned problems will be cured for sure. It is 100% Natural & Pure and is free from side effects.

Benefits of Shaafi Power Plus:-

• Treats Premature Ejaculation
• Treats Erectile Dysfunction
• Helps in Sexual Weakness
• Treats Jiriyaan/Spermatorrhoea (Wet Dreams or Involuntary release of Semen)
• Helps in Production of Semen, its Viscosity and Sperm Count
• Nocturnal Emission
• Oligospermia (Deficiency of Sperm Cells in the Semen)
• Controls Seminal Leakage & Discharge.
• Ejaculation Disorder.
• Keeps Healthy & Energetic.
• Nourishes Sexual Organ and Prolongs the Mating Period and Provides Extra Sexual Pleasure.
• Prepared from Pure, Natural & Special Herbs with no side effects.


Dietary Advice :-

  • Avoid stress as it can affect your love life. Stress can also increase blood pressure that has been shown to be a frequent cause of impotence.
  • Relaxation techniques can be learned and employed to reduce stress.
  • Stop smoking (Nicotine impedes blood flow to the penis.)
  • If there is alcohol abuse, dealing with this problem may improve potency and will certainly improve relationship problems.
  • Illicit drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, over the long term, gradually decrease desire and cause impotency.
  • Exercise more to help with overall fitness and increased blood circulation.
  • Lose weight if there are any problems from obesity.
  • Riding a bike, especially an off-road mountain bike, can cause trauma to delicate nerves and blood vessels.
  • It is important to have a “double saddle” to avoid injury to the blood vessels that go to the penis.
  • Eat a fresh, organic, high vegetable diet, which should include green, leafy vegetables and reduce red meat consumption.



Ingredients of Shaafi Power Plus:-

  • Satavar                           =         12%.
  • Hab-e-Rashad             =          12%.
  • Asgandh Nagoori         =          12%.
  • Musli Siyah                    =          12%.
  • Kateerah                        =          12%.
  • Lajwanthi Tukhm          =          10%.
  • Kashneez Khusk           =          10%.
  • Salab Misri                      =          10%.
  • Toodri Surkh                   =          10%.


Directions for Use of Shaafi Power Plus:- 

            Mix 5 Grams / 2 Teaspoon with 200 ml Milk and Drink Twice Daily after Meals or as Directed by Physician.


  • Keep it in cool place. Store at room temperature.
  • Protect from heat, light and moisture.


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